DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty Ltd has been Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of specialist ground reinforcement and support products since opening in 2002.

In order to complete its product range for the civil market, DYWIDAG-Systems International has added specialized construction systems such as DYWIDAG Geotechnical products, innovative tunneling systems and DYWIDAG Post-Tensioning systems as an important part of its services. The company's Australian head office and main manufacturing facility is in Newcastle, NSW.


DYWIDAG-Systems International has announced its acquisition of Polish-based permanent formwork and hydro-insulation specialist, PARTEC System

PARTEC System was founded 20 years ago by Krzysztof Kotarba as a specialist manufacturer and distributor of permanent formwork and hydro-insulation systems to the construction sector.

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By utilizing the DYWIDAG-Systems International benefits of professional experience, superior Quality Assurance, and accurate on-time delivery schedules, Drill Tech Drilling and Shoring was able to adjust to the ever changing project requirements on the I-405 Widening at Sepulveda Pass. DYWIDAG-Systems International offers a unique combination of both technical support and creative field solutions that promote a productive work environment.

Joel Kriwinski - Project Manager I-405 Sepulveda Pass Widening

Protendidos DYWIDAG has contributed to countless jobsites of Camargo Corrêa - including the new Stay Cable Bridge in Laguna, Brazil. The Joint Venture Camargo Corrêa / Aterpa M. Martins / Construbase is pleased with the strong commitment of Protendidos DYWIDAG to maintain its good reputation for the DYWIDAG Bar Post-Tensioning System. DYWIDAG-Systems International supplies products and services of excellent quality and always aims for the client’s satisfaction. We are very pleased with Protendidos DYWIDAG and would like to recommend them to companies that value high-quality engineering used for DYWIDAG Products.

Mauricio Quevedo - Commercial Manager

DYWIT offers an extensive product range to solve different problems on the job site. DYWIDAG Bar Anchor Systems are very easy to apply and can be flexibly adapted to different requirements. DYWIT always provides very good technical support whenever needed.

Marco Framarin - Engineer

DYWIDAG-Systems International’s solutions and technical support have helped us to sustainably enhance our range of solutions for excavation stabilization by offering the DYWI® Drill Hollow Bar System as well as DYWIDAG Ductile Iron Piles.

Marcelo Orbegozo - General Manager CIMAR, S.L., Spain

We have had a partnership with Protendidos DYWIDAG for 30 years. We specialize in slope contention, and we know that the quality of the product is critical for the safety of our works. Our expectations of the products supplied by Protendidos DYWIDAG have always been met to our full satisfaction by the company.

Bruno Mota - Santos Mota Engenharia Ltda, Brazil

Knowing what to do, and doing it well and safely, corresponds to the philosophy of H Miranda Engenharia. DYWIDAG Systems fully match this philosophy. DYWIDAG-Systems International offers high quality products that are characterized by reliability and safety and that our technical team likes to use.

Gustavo Grijó - Construction Management H Miranda Engenharia Ltda, Brazil

The partnership with DYWIDAG-Systems International allows us a safe and reliable accomplishment of demanding projects thanks to the company’s commitment.

Raphael Castro Vieira - Site Engineer TL Mix Construções, Brazil

Due to the high mechanical strength, technology and high performance of the products supplied by Protendidos DYWIDAG, we can develop slender concrete elements with great structural capacity and therefore realize large spans. Thanks to the partnership with Protendidos DYWIDAG, we have been able to realize an innovative public transportation project in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, where we will put into operation one of the world’s highest capacity Monorails.

Ramon Garcia Junior - Production Engineer Consorcio CEML – Consórcio Expresso Monotrilho Leste, Brazil

We like working with DYWIDAG-Systems International Peru because they react quickly and efficiently whenever there is a problem. DYWIDAG-Systems International does not only supply good products – the company distinguishes itself by the quality of its services.
DYWIDAG-Systems International’s added value is defined by their excellent products, reliability, efficiency and problem solving capacities. All of these factors are reflected by the first class service DYWIDAG-Systems International provides.

Ernesto Jordán Ballón - Administrative Assistant Odebrecht-Consorcio Tren Eléctrico, Peru

DYWIDAG-Systems International’s services have developed so well that both companies (client and supplier) have become partners in terms of the technical knowledge and the fast reaction times that DYWIDAG-Systems International provides.
We like co-operating with DYWIDAG-Systems International Peru because we can buy the perfect product for our applications from them, DYWIDAG-Systems International Peru offers safety and quality and we trust in their experience and services.

Víctor Castagnola Pérez-Reyes - Procurement and Logistics Officer Odebrecht-Consorcio Tren Eléctrico, Peru

We like working with DYWIDAG-Systems International because we have found a flexible partner in you who perfectly understands our needs and provides excellent technical advice. In addition, DYWIDAG-Systems International’s prices are adapted to the market, and the company’s good reputation is added value for our services.

Jonathan Venegas Jornet - Technical Manager FLESAN S.A., Chile

To perform our work, we need to have the best products, ensuring the security of the enterprise. DYWIDAG-Systems International helps us guarantee this because we deliver the best product, meet our deadlines and provide an excellent result. The partnership with DYWIDAG-Systems International enables us to gain the satisfaction of our customers.
VALLUM Engenharia has been working in partnership with DYWIDAG-Systems International for several years. During this period, we have obtained great results with DYWIDAG-Systems International’s geotechnical systems. This results in guaranteed customer satisfaction and wins us new contracts. As a field engineer, I work directly with the products and I am involved in their application. That is why I can vouch for their quality and durability. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership.

Leandro Fróes - VALLUM Engenharia Ltda., Brazil

DYWIDAG-Systems International's support, product knowledge and technical experience have allowed us to deliver and perform above the expectations of the client. Site conditions and challenges have been proactively identified, mitigating down time and optimizing production and profitability.

Nick Baldwin - Project Manager Beck Drilling and Environmental Services Ltd., Canada

We choose DYWIDAG-Systems International because of their excellent service and support. The technical support is second to none. Their experienced and qualified professionals think outside the box and offer optional methods or concepts. They help us choose the right products for the job, and then deliver on time and in the correct quantities. Dakota Drilling owes a large part of its reputation and success to DYWIDAG-Systems International.

Doug Massey - Dakota Drilling, USA

DYWIDAG-Systems International is integral in Foundation Technologies' tieback applications, and their product reliability is proven time and time again.

Paul McCrea - Foundation Technologies, USA

Throughout our longstanding relationship, DYWIDAG Systems International has consistently adapted to the dynamic Geotechnical industry by providing easy to use and innovative products. DYWIDAG-Systems International's attention to detail and commitment to delivering on-time high quality products have alleviated the stress of procuring and receiving materials in our fast paced, difficult to access and remote jobs.

Adam Lowers - Superintendent Northwest Cascade, USA

I have been working with DYWIDAG Systems International for many years because they always provide solutions that I can rely on. If the project requires a high level of knowledge and performance, I know I can count on DYWIDAG-Systems International.

Claudio M. Dominguez - Project Manager Orion Marine Construction Inc., USA

I wanted to thank you and DYWIDAG-Systems International for offering such excellence in customer sales and support, engineering, and general knowledge sharing. You and the DYWIDAG-Systems International engineers have been quick to respond to my quick turn-around deadlines, providing timely quotes and drawings, including installation recommendations and concerns. It is appreciated!

Kelli Wilson - President American Shoring, Inc., USA
DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty. Ltd. APAC/ASEAN

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