GEWI® Tie Rods permit the Use of a 450t Crawler Crane: The BAE Systems Facility in Henderson

South of Perth, in southwestern Australia, BAE Systems Australia operates a 14.5ha facility specializing in the construction and repair of commercial and military vessels. The facility is located in the shipyard of the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson.

Recently, BAE Systems expanded this facility by constructing a 75m long, land backed wharf section. For this purpose, 22,500m³ of sediment had to be excavated from the port basin. Work included the driving of king piles, the installation of fabricated steel wall panels, rock armor and dead man anchors that were tied back to precast concrete blocks behind the sheet pile wall. The dead man structure ensures a safe tieback of the sheet pile wall so that heavy machinery will be able to drive on this area.

To tie back the sheet pile wall safely, DSI Australia supplied a complete 63.5mm Ø GEWI® Tie Rod System consisting of a total of 164m of GEWI® Steel, turnbuckles, welded eye pieces, couplers, hex nuts and bearing plates.

Thanks to the expansion of this wharf section, BAE will be able to undertake dual crane lift loading and unloading of barges utilizing their new 450t crawler crane.


BAE Systems Australia Ltd, Australia

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DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty. Ltd., BU Civils, Australia

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63.5mm Ø GEWI® Tie Rod System

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