DYWIDAG GRP Anchors stabilize Slopes along Coramba Road in New South Wales

The scenic area between the town of Dorrigo and the seaport Coffs Harbour in New South Wales, Australia, is a magnet for tourism. Coramba Road, which links both towns, is especially popular with motorcyclists because of its breathtaking scenery.

Unfortunately, due to the high average rainfall, this area is prone to ground movements that have repeatedly damaged the road. As a result, the New South Wales Government has commissioned the upgrade of a number of roads in the northern New South Wales area. In this program, past and potential slip areas will be stabilized and protected from future damage caused by excessive rainfall.

In 2014, a part of Coramba Road 5km east of Dorrigo was also marked as a potential slip area. To stabilize this region, DSI Australia supplied DYWIDAG GRP Anchors that were ideal for this project because of their ease of handling and long design life.

The soil nails that were supplied by DSI were drilled and installed by the subcontractor Ground Stabilisation Systems. DSI supplied a total of 1,477m of 25mm Ø DYWIDAG GRP Anchors and 2,024m of 32mm Ø DYWIDAG GRP Anchors as a full system including steel hex nuts, dome plates, grout tubes and centralizers.


Coffs Harbour City Council, Australia

General Contractor

Earthtec, Australia


Earthtec, Australia


Ground Stabilisation Systems Pty. Ltd., Australia

Consulting Engineers

Coffey, Australia

DSI Unit

DYWIDAG-Systems International Pty. Ltd., BU Civils, Australia

DSI Scope

Production, supply, technical support

DYWIDAG Products

1,477m of 25mm Ø DYWIDAG GRP Anchors and 2,024m of 32mm Ø DYWIDAG GRP Anchors including accessories

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