New Construction of North LB Bank, Hannover, Germany

For the construction of the North LB in Hannover DSI supplied the following DYWIDAG systems: geotechnical products, reinforcing technology as well as post-tensioning products.

220 pieces GEWI® epiles 50mm dia. each approx. 12.5m long secured against uplift, GEWI® threadbar reinforcing steel 500 mm dia. were installed in the walls and slab joints and in concrete columns.

In addition DYWIDAG unbonded multistrand tendons 4 to 25-0.62" St1570/1770 (grade 250) were used in the slabs and cantilevers, whereas DYWIDAG monostrand tendons 0.62" St 1570/1770 (grade 250) were used for slab post-tensioning.


Norddeutsche Landesbank

General contractor

ARGE Rohbau Nord LB


Behnisch & Partner

DSI Services

Supply and installation of 220 pieces of GEWI® Piles dia. 50mm with double corrosion protection; GEWI® threadbar reinforcing steel dia. 50mm; DYWIDAG Multistrand Tendons 4 to 25-0.62" St 1570/1770 (grade 250); DYWIDAG Monostrand Tendons 0.62" St 1570/1770 (grade 250); DYWIDAG Formtie Systems and Accessories

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